GVSU Career Center

Individual Career Counseling Appointments

Why should I go to career counseling?

College students often struggle with deciding on a career path and choosing a major.  Career counseling will help you choose careers that match your personality, vocational interests/goals, and individual values.  Resources offered during career counseling include online career information databases, career tests, and personal support.

When should I schedule an appointment for career counseling?

Schedule a career counseling appointment when:

  • You are having trouble choosing a major.
  • You are looking for resources to investigate careers.
  • You feel anxious or unsure about career planning.
  • You want to explore career testing options with a counselor.
  • You are unsure of how to apply your major to a career.
  • You are interested in graduate school.

What will an individual career appointment be like?

During the first meeting, each student will meet with a counselor to discuss their career concerns, options, and goals.  Students can complete career assessments to explore how various majors/career options match with their interests, personality, and values.  The counselor will work with the student to research and explore how identified majors and career paths may support a student's future career goals.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The Career Center is located in 206 Student Services Building and 101B DeVos.  You can stop by the office, or call (616) 331-3311 to schedule an appointment.

Preparing for Your Career Counseling Appointment

Knowing a little bit about yourself and the world of work will be helpful to you and the career counselor.  You can prepare by doing the following:
1. Review the Five Questions

2. Take the career assessments in FOCUS 2

Page last modified October 21, 2013