College of Community and Public Service

Awards and Commendations

State Awards

Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year

University Awards

Glenn A. Niemeyer Awards

CCPS Awards

CCPS Outstanding Contribution in a Discipline Nomination Guidelines

CCPS Outstanding Contribution in a Discipline Nomination Form

CCPS Outstanding Mentor Nomination Guidelines

CCPS Outstanding Mentor Nomination Form

CCPS Outstanding Service Nomination Guidelines

CCPS Outstanding Service Nomination Form

CCPS Outstanding Teacher Nomination Guidelines

CCPS Outstanding Teacher Nomination Form

2014 CCPS Award Recipients:

  • Outstanding Mentor:
    Stephen Borders
  • Outstanding Service: 
    Mark Hoffman
  • Outstanding Teacher:
    John Walsh

CCPS Dean's Commendations

              AP Commendation Nomination Guidelines

              AP Commendation Nomination Form

              PSS Commendation Nomination Guidelines

              PSS Commendation Nomination Form

2014 CCPS Commendation Recipients:

  • CCPS Dean's Administrative and Professional:
    Jennifer McCaul
  • CCPS Dean's Professional Support Staff: 
    Lisa Campione




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