College of Community and Public Service

Community Engagement

Goals for Community Engagement

The College of Community and Public Service (CCPS) is committed to creating partnerships that bring together university knowledge and talents with those of the public and private sectors.  These partnerships enrich scholarship and research, enhance curricular content and process, prepare citizen scholars, endorse democratic values and civic responsibility, and, most importantly, address critical societal issues and contribute to the public good.

Community engagement activities also provide many learning opportunities for students, and through active participation in these activities students can build skills for their future careers and meet local leaders in the public and private sectors.  Participation in service learning fits within this framework, but internships and assistantships provide even more in depth experiences.

Expanding Community Engagement

Grand Valley has long been engaged with community partners, many through individuals or discipline-specific ties.  In addition, students across campus are encouraged to engage in service-learning activities both in classroom and extracurricular contexts.  

As CCPS, and GVSU as a whole seeks, to elevate community engagement to solve social and community problems as a core part of our mission and vision, a higher premium will be placed on the creation of interdisciplinary, inter-professional, and inter-sectorial project teams of faculty and staff experts and more in-depth integrated learning experiences for students.  We know that the need for such approaches derives from the complexity of the social issues to be addressed.


Page last modified April 5, 2012