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Scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants

Scholarships and Fellowships

Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Grants

Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence (CSCE)

External Funding-- Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)


       CCPS 2011-12 Goals Update

                        2011-12 Goals


College Governance

Strategic Plan

The College of Community and Public Service recently revised it's Strategic Plan.  Many dedicated faculty and staff have worked to streamline the goals, mission and direction of CCPS.

Governance Bylaws

The College of Community and Public Service has revised the current operating bylaws as of 2012.

Governance Committees

The College of Community and Public Service has a very participative and committed faculty and staff serving on various committees throughout  the campus.  Committee participation is a very importance part of college governance here at the College of Community and Public Service.  Faculty representatives from all four of our academic units work diligently to ensure accuracy, equity, and accountability throughout our college. Committee elections are held in March/April of each academic year.  Each position has a designated term length.  For more information click the links below.


2014-15 College Committee Representation


College Governance Committee Policies



Agreement and Review Forms

Adjunct Faculty Review Form

Affiliate Review For Renewal

CCPS Alternative Service Agreement

Business and Accounting Office Forms

Forms page (travel voucher, Purchasing, Payroll, Budget, etc.)

Digital Measures

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Employment Forms

Human Resources

Facilities Forms

            Key Request Form

Faculty Evaluation Form

Activity Report Evaluation

Payroll Forms

Payroll Office

Sabbatical Forms

Sabbatical Leave Request Application Form

Alternative Service Form


Personnel Guidelines and Procedures

Guidelines and Procedures for Reviews and Sabbatical Leave



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