The Project

Dr. Diane Kimoto, Associate Professor in the School of Public, Nonprofit, & Health Administration (SPNHA), has facilitated the development of a student-driven collaborative called The Project. The Project emphasizes the employability of CCPS students as they make impacts within their communities, the region, the nation, and internationally. The collaborative began with the writing of a grant to provide financial support for SPNHA students to present at conferences, and it emphasizes an outcome-driven learning model. The initiative was co-created with students to showcase their skills in communicating, solution-focused reasoning, critical thinking, and decision making. These student skills are demonstrated via the four practice (called projects) areas of service, learning, management, and sustainability.

The Four Projects:



Help in the rebuilding of communities in need through Spring Break and monthly service projects.



Discuss the strengths and challenges of The Project at local and national conferences.



Partner with CCPS alumni and Michigan lawmakers in Washington, DC to create internships, job shadowing, and advocacy opportunities.



Create an ongoing system of financial solvency for The Project through grants, special events/ fundraisers, and memberships fees.


Two student group proposals from The Project were accepted for presentation at the 13th Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning in Traverse City in the fall of 2012. This is a nationally recognized conference which is also supported by GVSU. One group will be presenting about The Project itself, while the other group is addressing the benefits of grant writing in a challenging job market.

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