Resources for All New Students

Additional Resources for First Year Students

  • First Year Curriculum Guides
  • Math Placement Information
  • AP Credit By Exam Guide
    • You must earn a 3 or better to receive AP credit as indicated on the guide. 
    • You will need to send the official score report directly to GVSU for credit to be applied. This does not happen automatically from your high school. You must request the report directly. 
    • If you attend freshman orientation prior to scores being received we will assume successful scores. We will contact you later in the summer after scores are received if you need to make adjustments to your schedule. Work with the advisors at your orientation session to understand what credit you may receive. 
    • You may only count a maximum of 32 credit hours of AP credit toward your GVSU degree.
  • International Baccalaureate Credit by Exam Guide (bottom of the linked page)
    • High Level Scores will be accepted for credit as indicated on the guide. 
  • Transfer Course Equivalency Guide
    • Dual Enrollment credits at a community college or university are treated like transfer credits
    • You must submit an official transcript from that institution directly to GVSU. This is not done automatically or by your school. 
    • Send the transcripts prior to your freshman orientation session for the best advising at your orientation session. If you can't send your transcripts come prepared with a list of the classes you have completed (course numbers/titles and grades) so that you receive appropriate advising at your orientation. 
    • You must have a 2.000 cumulative transfer GPA or better for courses with a D or better grade to transfer for credit per the equivalency guide

Additional Resources for Transfer Students

  • Transfer Course Guides 
  • Course Equivalency Guide
  • Reverse Transfer Agreements
  • CCPS Major Worksheets
  • Are you thinking of transferring to GVSU after attending a Michigan community college? You should work with the advisors at your community college to make course selections that will assist you with degree completion at GVSU upon your transfer. GVSU has provided 1- and 2-year transfer course guides to assist you with appropriate course selection depending on  the community college you will be attending and your intended GVSU major. You may also wish to compare your transcripts to the course equivalency guide for your current institution to get a general idea of how the credits you have completed would transfer to GVSU. (*Note: this is for information/guidance only. Your transcripts will be officially evaluated as part of the admission process).
  • All transfer students (community college and other 4-year schools) should also work with the GVSU admissions office to ensure you are aware of what you need to do to be admitted to GVSU. Your completed application must be submitted 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester you wish to enroll for. However, you should plan to apply well in advance of this deadline to ensure you are able to register for classes in a timely way or meet posted scholarship deadlines.
  • Upon admission to GVSU  you will receive information about Transfer Student Orientation & Registration (TSOR). CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center staff will coordinate these sessions to assist you with reviewing your transfer work and to make appropriate schedule selections for your first year at GVSU.

If you have scheduled your TSOR session, view additional information for CCPS students to prepare for your TSOR session