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Who is my advisor?

Who is my advisor?

The College of Community & Public Service has a dual advising system. This means that you have two different advisors within the college to assist you with your questions. Depending on your questions/issues/concerns you should meet with one of your advisors as indicated below:

  1. You may meet with an advisor in the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center who can assist you with degree planning, registration, and other GVSU issues related to your degree progress or navigating processes/polices throughout the university.
  2. You will also be assigned a faculty mentor within your major interest area to assist you with professional inquiry, career planning and other issues.

If you have declared a major in one of the units within the college, you have been assigned an advisor. To confirm who this is you can look at your academic records:

  • Log into MyBanner
  • Select Student
  • Select Records
  • View Major and Advisor Information

You may have a CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center staff member as your advisor. You will need to meet with an advisor in the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center to discuss your major interests, review degree requirements, and set up an academic plan. You will then be assigned a faculty mentor with similar experience or interests.

You should set up an appointment with the Undergraduate Advising Center as soon as possible. Call 331-6890 or stop by 218C DEV to schedule an available time. Until we know your interest area, we cannot assign you to the appropriate faculty mentor.

If you would like to contact your faculty mentor, you should use the menu links to the left to be redirected to the appropriate department website to view faculty information. You may also use the GVSU PeopleFinder tool to search by name.

Page last modified March 12, 2014