ENT 351: Entrepreneur Project
Have an interest in starting your own company?
Want to make a difference?
Want to help a community in need?
Want to learn how to write a business plan?
This class is for students who want to make a difference in their community  and aspire to engage in a socio-entrepreneurial initiative in the context of a newly created enterprise. The class will examine all aspects of what happens to an area as a natural disaster hits and how to appropriately respond. We want to equip you with the ability to communicate effectively, think critically, and make rational judgments about your environment. Using the Business Model Canvas, you will explore problems and find solutions through a social entrepreneurial lens to craft innovative responses to social problems that add economic value and help in wealth creation for individuals and communities.
Taught by Kevin McCurren from the Center For Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Quincy Williams from the School of SPNHA will be highlighting themes of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and service learning. 
Please contact Quincy Williams at williamq@gvsu.edu to register for the class.

*There will be an alternative spring break trip to Oklahoma that is required for all students enrolled in this course. Cost is $300 for trip.*

Click Here to download the class flyer.

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