Savvy Entrepreneur Seminar Series
Providing Relevant Insight for Entrepreneurs & Investors

Organized and presented by the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Great Lakes, this seven-part Savvy Entrepreneur Series is a Michigan-wide seminar for entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and more. The Savvy Entrepreneur seminar series will provide a highly interactive forum for entrepreneurs and start-up, early- and mid-stage high growth companies to interact with a panel of experts, as well as network with their peers. The series is designed to focus not only on the basic how-to's of building a successful business, but also cover best practices in intellectual property, team building,initial sales and securing capital. Topics: Oct. 11 - Protecting Intellectual Property?
How do you protect your precious IP without bankrupting your fledgling enterprise? Youll learn key Strategic Intellectual Property Management Best Practices, including how to navigate through the dreaded NDA with customers and partners. Nov. 8 - Building Winning Teams
How often have you heard, "We don't invest in products, we invest in people!" Or, "Who's on the management team?" Time and time again, history has shown that companies with ordinary products backed by extraordinary people succeed in the marketplace. Learn why this is the case. Jan. 31 - ACE Event
Join more than 500 people at the Annual Conference on Entrepreneurship. Feb. 21 - Angel Investors
What are they looking for? How are they different from venture capitalists? Why use them? How do they think about valuation? Apr. 10 - Cash Flow
What is it and how can you maximize it and best practices on how to compensate the executive team to sustain it. Even if you have no cash yet, this is a top priority to understand early and manage well. May 8 - Raising Capital
Developing a Milestone Based Capital Raising Plan: Learn how to develop a milestone based realistic fundraising plan that is critical to success for technology-based high growth companies. Jun. 5 - GLEQ & Golf Scramble