Resources for Professors

Resources for professors seeking workshops or other unique learning opportunities:

General Science

Michigan Science Teachers Association

National Science Teachers Association


National Association of Biology Teachers


American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society- Division of Chemical Education


America Society for Engineering Education

American Society for Mechanical Engineers


American Association of Physics Teachers 


A modest, but growing, collection of resources for physics teachers.

Physics Education Technology (PhET) simulations

Simulations that can be used for teaching a wide variety of physics topics. There is also a collection of lesson plans and activities to provide you with ideas for how to use the simulations in your class. Everything is free and easily customizable.

Physics Applets (Physlets)

A large collection of java applets that can be used for teaching a wide variety of physics topics. A large number of problems have already been created, or you can use the open-source materials to create your own.

Assessing-to-Learn Physics (A2L)

A collection of high quality multiple-choice assessment items and descriptions of how to use them in formative assessment.

University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group

This site has a numerous resources for physics teachers. These include collections of high quality problems, links to some of the latest work in physics education research, as well as the full text of Redish's book, Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite.

University of Maine Physics Education Research Laboratory

Look in the "Projects" and "Materials" sections for links to ongoing physics education research (particularly in upper division physics courses) and research-based materials for both introductory and advanced undergraduate courses.

Spiral Physics

A set of instructional resources for algebra- and calculus-based introductory physics that includes a large number of student learning activities.

MIT Instructional Materials

MIT is now encouraging faculty to post instructional materials online. Many physics faculty have done so. Some are more useful than others.

University of Minnesota Context-Rich Problems

A large online collection of context-rich problems as well as descriptions about how to use them for teaching and how to create your own.

Intermediate Mechanics Tutorials

A set of inquiry-based instructional materials for teaching upper division mechanics. The website includes user license, pretests, tutorial worksheets, homework, suggested exam problems, and other instructor resources.


Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Teaching Methods

Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning

On-Campus Connections

Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center

In 1995, the University Academic Senate recommended that a center be established to support the University's efforts toward achieving its goal of teaching excellence. In response, the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center was founded, charged with a mission to serve as a resource for faculty development.

Regional Math & Science Center

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Steelcase University Learning Center