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Deborah Herrington named a 2014 Glenn A. Niemeyer Award Winner

Deborah Herrington named a 2014 Glenn A. Niemeyer Award Winner

Dr. Deborah Herrington was named a 2014 Niemeyer Award winner by Grand Valley State University.  The Glenn A. Ni... more


Chemistry is a fascinating and diverse field that affects almost every area of our lives.  The clothes we wear, the medicines we take, the food we eat, the fuel we consume, and the materials we use to build our houses are all affected by discoveries made through the study of chemistry.


• Faculty attention. Beyond the freshman year, our courses become smaller and more intimate. All upper-division courses are taught by Ph.D. chemists with specialized training and research expertise.

• Hands-on laboratories. Students gain extensive, first hand experience preparing solutions, conducting experiments, and operating advanced research-quality instruments.

• Research experiences. Students have the opportunity to contribute to genuine scientific research on novel projects while receiving one-on-one mentoring from a faculty member.

• Academic flexibility. Our emphases provide a flexible learning experience for students.

• Professional development. Many of our students travel to professional meetings with their faculty mentors to present research findings and network with other researchers.

• Support. Endowments provide scholarships, grants, and fellowships for student


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