Stephen Matchett

Professor of Chemistry

Office: 352 Padnos

Phone: 331-3879


Education/Professional Training
BS Chemistry, University of Miami   

PhD Inorganic Chemistry, Colorado State University

Research Interests

Studying the Unique Nature of the Metal to Olefin Bond: Mapping the Reactivity Surface for Nucleophilic Attack on Metal Olefin Complexes

When olefins (carbon-carbon double bonds) are bonded to a transition metal, their chemistry can become radically different. The metal orbitals allow the olefin to act both as a s donor and as a p acceptor. When the metal is electron poor, the olefin can be attacked by electron rich compounds (the opposite of what is normal for olefin chemistry). However, not all metal to olefin bonding is symmetric.  Work in our lab seeks to build asymmetric metal olefin complexes and measure the kinetics for nucleophilic attack on the bound olefin. By measuring both asymmetry and the associated rates we hope to map the reactivity surface to gain insight into the widely used reaction.    






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