Ms. Te'Asia (Ms. T)

Hello BP 2 Families!

I am super excited to be the new lead teacher that will be following Ms. Allison Horne! During her last week, I will be visiting the classroom during the day to get acclimated to our program and to make the transition as smooth as possible for myself and the students! I am a recent 2014 graduate of Grand Valley State University where I earned a Bachelor of Arts of Music with a vocal emphasis and a minor in African American Studies. Although my degree path is not early childhood development, I have been working in child development centers since 2011. I began at Lighthouse Early Learning Academy and recently moved from United Methodist Community House in the Greater Grand Rapids area. My career goal is to inspire, motivate, and enhance students’ desire and drive for education through positive reinforcement and education of basic life skills, experiences and appropriate course work, in whatever area of development that may be!

During the next week, I will spend most of our classroom time getting to know the students and schedule, and the following week, we will resume our regular lesson plan. We are still in pursuit of finding an assistant teacher for the BP 2 classroom. Ms. Sharalle and I will keep you all well informed as things progress! Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have! I look forward to meeting you all!


Spanish Immersion:

We will be using a Spanish Immersion technique in our classroom, where we learn different words/phrases in Spanish! So, ask your children about the new words they are learning, and don't be surprised if they start using some of them at home. We will start out by focusing on the days of the week and add a few useful phrases as the children are ready! Here are some words to look out for (and practice at home if you would like!):

Sunday - domingo (doe-ming-go) no motion

Monday -  lunes (loo-nays) motion = "rainbow" above head with hands

Tuesday - martes (Mar-tays) motion = salsa dancing

Wednesday - miércoles (me-air-coal-les) motion = hand and voice starting low and moving                          up/louder with each syllable

Thursday - jueves (hue-way-ves) motion = throat "clearing" to start the deep throat "hue"                            noise

Friday - viernes (vi-air-nes) motion = making the "v" sound to start them

Saturday - sábado (sa-ba-doe) this is their favorite, no motion needed :)

"Bless you" - salud (sa-lood) used when sneezing --this actually means "health" as in a                               wish for the person sneezing to have health

Thank You - gracias (gra-c-ias) --actually means "grace" and is used for "many thanks"

You Are Welcome - de nada (de nod-a) --literally means "it's nothing" as a reply to thanks


Stay connected with our class:

-Follow our CEC Instagram Account @GVSUCEC for awesome pictures and updates about the CEC

-Check in with our class website monthly for updates and important information!


Events to watch out for:

We are open for Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday January 19th. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you in advance for your support and communication!

Ms. Te'Asia








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