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Christine Yalda


Christine A. Yalda
Associate Professor

School of Criminal Justice

Grand Valley State University

243-C Devos Center

401 W. Fulton, St.

Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6431

Telephone: (616)-331-7135

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Dr. Yalda received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Michigan, her law degree from Boston University Law School, and her Masters and Ph.D. in Justice Studies from Arizona State University. She practiced Indian law in Arizona and New Mexico for about 15 years and served as Program Director of Four Rivers Indian Legal Services before becoming a trial attorney for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Dr. Yalda taught at Arizona State University for a decade before joining the GVSU faculty in 2004. She has taught in the criminal justice and legal studies undergraduate programs and the Masters in Criminal Justice graduate program at GVSU. Current courses include Criminal Justice and Human Rights (CJ 325); Youth Culture and Crime (CJ 355); Qualitative Research Methods (CJ 400); Culture, Crime and Justice (CJ 482); and Teen Heroes and Human Rights (CJ 399). She has supervised a number of senior capstone projects, honors theses, and graduate projects and theses.

Dr. Yalda’s scholarship reflects her commitment to social and procedural justice. Recent research primarily involves community partnerships with local courts and social service agencies, including research on adult drug treatment courts, juvenile court risk assessment procedures, assistance to unrepresented litigants, services to the homeless and working poor, and child welfare removal proceedings. Dr. Yalda is the creator of the Just Kids School S.A.F.E.T.Y. Project, an anti-bullying program that has been piloted in Arizona and Michigan.

Dr. Yalda served as the College of Community and Public Service Planning and Assessment Coordinator. She has served on a number of unit and university committees, including the Human Research Review Committee, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Advisory Committee (including as chair), GVSU North Central Accreditation Self-Study Subcommittee, and the GVSU Strategic Visioning Committee/Executive Committee. Dr. Yalda currently serves as a member of the national Juvenile Assessment Task Team, the West Michigan Conference of UMC Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministries, and the Juvenile Justice Vision 20-20 Task Force 2. She has received numerous university, community, and state-wide awards recognizing her contributions, including the Michigan Academic Advising Association Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award and an award from the Assyrian American Club of Flint, Michigan.


Law and Society (CJ 101)

Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties (CJ 305)

Crimes Against Women (CJ/WS 320)

Criminal Justice and Human Rights (CJ 325)

Youth Culture and Crime (CJ 355)

Identity and the Law (CJ/LS 380)

Independent Readings (CJ 399/699)

Culture, Crime, and Justice (CJ 482)

Qualitative Research Methods (CJ400)

Independent Research (CJ 499/699)

Criminal Justice Capstone (CJ 495)

Introduction to Law (LS 201)

Women and the Law (LS 350)

Legal Research and Writing (LS 424) (and online)

Legal Thought (LS 495)

Qualitative Research Methods (CJ 600)

Legal and Ethical Issues (CJ 602)

Research Methods II (CJ 608) – co-instructor

Writing Workshop (CJ 680)

Thesis Preparation (CJ 680)


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