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The School of Criminal Justice allows selected students to complete internships at specified job sites. Upper-division undergraduate students may elect from one to nine hours of CJ 490 if they are approved by the internship coordinator and a job site supervisor. Students taking three credits of CJ 490, are normally expected to put in 15 hours at the internship site per week. One to two credits require 150 hours, three credits 200 hours, four credits 266 hours, five credits 332 hours, six credits  400 hours, and nine credit hours would require 600 hours. Graduate students without prior criminal justice or private security work experience are highly encouraged to complete a CJ 640 internship (see Criminal Justice Master Degree Requirements). No more than nine credit hours may be applied to the undergraduate major; no more than three credit hours may be applied to the graduate internship. To apply for an internship, contact the internship coordinator. 

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