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Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 Training Event August 8 & 9


Formed in 2010, Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 is a grassroots organization that serves as a collective voice of leadership and advocacy within the juvenile justice community in Michigan.  A major focus of Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 is to redefine, invigorate and bring renewed priority and improvements to juvenile justice across the state.  Through a strategic planning process completed in 2011, five strategic focus areas emerged:  

1) Support the Unique Purpose of the Juvenile Court

2) Effective Outcomes for Youth, Families and Communities

3) Juvenile Court Operational Performance

4) Adequate and Sustainable Funding

5) Strong Juvenile Justice Workforce

Following, five strategic focus action teams were formed with clearly defined projects to implement the priorities identified within the strategic plan.   To date, Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20 is represented by over 60 active participants from all facets of Michigan's juvenile justice system and many more supporters.  These individuals volunteer their time and resources for one common cause: improving the system for Michigan's youth.


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