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The last week of the Winter 2007 term, we asked the 1400 CLAS seniors about their future plans so that we could share them here.  The more than 125 answers we have received so far are a fascinating read and speak to the diversity and strength of the students in the college.

Please send any updates to the Director of CLAS Communication & Advancement.

Surname First Plans Major
Achterhof Megan Ann is working full time and in the near future plans to go to grad school. Psychology
Armock Jennifer is searching for teaching jobs and once she find one, intends to apply for a graduate program at GVSU. Integrated Science
Ausburger Jill will be attending graduate school  at Wayne State University for a Masters in Social Work. Psychology
Bain Sara is now student teaching in South Africa. She will be accepting a teaching position in Gunsan, South Korea in July and plans to stay there for a year and then begin a masters program.   English
Barnard Kathryn will be in Oregon this summer for a GSA Geocorps internship at Oregon Caves National Monument.  As a park ranger she will give tours while doing geological research, public outreach, and preparing informational displays for the visitors center. Afterward she'll work on her masters in geospatial science at Missouri State University. French/BSci
Bartlett Amy will be leaving for Africa in September to volunteer with the Peace Corps.   Anthropology
Bazan Natalie has been offered a teaching assistantship at Kansas in the graduate  program in Slavics, specializing in Slavic linguistics, especially historical linguistics with a focus on Russian. History/German
Bennett Alicia will be entering medical school at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Biomedical Science
Berens Angelique will be spending the next year applying for medical school and working as an assistant research technician at the Van Andel Institute. Biology
Bisbee Lainie has accepted a graduate assistant position at Ball State University. Athletic training
Blain Andrew will enter graduate school sometime in the near future and is currently seeking a teaching job. Physical Education
Bogner Marcie is job hunting in and out of state. Art & Design
Bowers Adam will be attending Princeton Theological Seminary. Classics
Brinkly Rebecca is currently enjoying a study abroad in Jordan. Her future plans include graduate school. Political Science
Brodie Shaun plans to pursue a masters degree in political science next year. Political Science
Buckley Erika is taking a deferred enrolment at Eastern Michigan University in the graduate studies program in order to teach English in Korea for a year. Psychology
Burrel Elecia just returned from California doing an internship with The Young and the Restless. She aslso worked on CSI Miami, Bones, Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Nicole Kidman, and Dream Girls. She plans to return to California and pursue an acting career. Communications
Carr Liz will enter the Kinesiology program at University of Michigan. Athletic Training
Clowes Ian is now working for the City of Pearland, TX, a suburb of Houston, as a planning Technician.  He will be working towards his masters degree in GIS at  Texas A & M starting in the fall. Geography
Colley AJ has accepted a position as Education Reporter at the Marion Chronicle-Tribune in Marion, Indiana. Journalism
Colvin Mindy Sue will, after graduating in August, undertake a one-year internship with Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Florida-Gainesville.  Physical Education
Cooper Lauren just returned from a semester abroad in Costa Rica will be join the work force until   entering graduate school next fall. Biomedical Science
Daigneau Rob is undertaking a two- or three-year commitment to Teach for America as a corp member.  Afterward, he may  either attend law school or continuing  with a career in education. Poli Sci/Economics
Daining Crystal is entering graduate school in history at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Classical trad/History
Deleeuw Jill is participating in Teach for America in Charlotte, NC. She will be teaching through this program for 2 years in an inner-city school while simultaneously working on her Masters in Teaching Secondary Education in English. German
Denhof Steve will be attending graduate school at GVSU in the Physician Assistant Program. Biomedical Science
Dobson Joshua I will be attending GVSU's MBA program. International Relations
Dudley Rachel I will be attending Ohio State University next Fall in Women's Studies. Sociology
Dunklow Alan is commmited to Teach for America, and will be teaching secondary social studies in the Baltimore Public Schools.  She will also allow me to pursue my Masters in Teaching at Johns Hopkins.   Political Science
Farrier Christina will be entering the work force.   Psychology/Special Ed
Fraaza David will be entering the workforce. Natural Resource Management
Fuchs Justin has accepted a position working at Steelcase on the Solution Resource Team. "I'm going to be writing customer proposals that encourage corporations to consider partnering with Steelcase for their office furniture needs." Advertising & PR
Gaglio Antonella is entering graduate school in MSW at GVSU. Psych/Sociology
Ham Ty will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in Classics. Classics
Hamby Heather after graduating in August will be off to Colorado for a Year-Long Internship with Young Life. Physical Education
Harrigan Bridget has received a full-time position at Aquinas College for the Department of Advancement where she will be the phone center coordinator, fulfilling duties of raising funds for student scholarships. "I will be attending graduate school there, as it is part of my benefit package. She also plan on taking  some  undergraduate courses for fun, starting a band and working for positive world change." Communications
Heidbrink Katherine will be attending grad school for Occupational Therapy  at Grand Valley. Psychology
Henderson Lyndi will be looking for a teaching position either here in West Michigan or possibly out of state.  Group Social Studies
Herter Natalie has accepted a graduate assistant position at Michigan State University Athletic Training
Janes Jessica is looking for a teaching position in North Carolina. Integrated Science
Jaquith Sarah has an internship lined up at Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester New York and starts Veterinary school at MSU in the fall.  Biology
Jasperse Elizabeth will be attending the University of Illinois in the graduate theatre program for costume technology. Theatre/English
Jones Razel will graduate in December and will continue to work at Calvin College. English
Kammer Roxanne is currently looking for a teaching job in the Lakeshore area (Muskegon, and north) and will continue guest teaching in the districts around the area until then.  Her dream is to find a full-time teaching job soon, so I can experience my own classroom.  English
Kimber Steffanie plans to attend graduate school in Fall 2008. Biomedical Science
Kirby Shana will be attending Wayne State Medical School this fall, where she has received two scholarships. Biomedical Science
Kleinheksel Katie is looking for an internship and/or a job in the advertising and PR fields. Advertising & PR
Koetje Katherine will be entering the work force.   Integrated Science
Kroodsma Derrick will be entering the ministry, and will be on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. Biomedical Science
Kunze Jason plans on attending graduate school in a few years.  In the meantime, he is preparing for the birth of his daughter and is writing. Writing
Lambert Danielle has accepted a graduate assistant position at Western Michigan University. Athletic training
Lautenbach Kathryn will be moving to Kansas City, MO to work for the Migrant Farmworkers Project as a Migrant Advocate.  This organization works with migrant workers to ensure that their health, educational and legal needs are being met.   Spanish
LeJeune Breanne will be attending graduate school at the University of Alabama to earn an MFA in creative writing. Writing
Lenca Lauren is entering GVSU's Physical Therapy program. Biomedical Science
Mangrum Michaela will be attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursing a degree in Occupational Science. Psychology
Marcinkowski Kelly will be entering the Master of Arts program in School Psychology at Humboldt State University in California and hopes to work as a school psychologist and do volunteer work in Central America. Psychology
Marfia Christine is entering the workforce. History
Martin Dana is entering the workforce. Advertising & PR
Melville Derek will enter Grand Valle's Public Administration Graduate Program concentrating on NonProfit Administration.  He has accepted a Graduate Assistant Position with Campus Recreation and will be working with the Intramural Department.  Physical Education
Mousseau Rebecca I am planning a summer trip to Europe, then anticipate finding a teaching position for next fall. Mathematics
Napierkowski Diane is job hunting. Biomedical Science
Nicholson Rebekah is going to graduate school in History. History
Noftz Katie will be attending graduate school in Spain for Spanish Literature. The program is called "New York University in Madrid". Spanish
O'Brien Jennifer will be joining the work force as a secondary teacher. English
Parker Aaron has accepted a position at Florida International University as a fisheries biologist. Biology
Payne Stephanie is entering Johns Hopkins Universityin the Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology, and Biophysics doctoral program. She was also accepted into the Graduate Partnerships Program at the National Institutes of Health, and will be conducting research there as well. Cell& Molecular Biology
Pedley Anthony will be attending Purdue for graduate school in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. Chemistry
Perry Patrick works at GVSU. Spanish
Petzold Jakki will be attending graduate school at Indiana University to earn a Master's in Library and Information Science Biopsychology
Phelps Megan is entering the workforce. Psychology/Special Ed
Phillips Jill is looking for a teaching job. Spanish
Pilotti-Riley Amber is traveling and working on a children's book.  She's also considering graduate school. Writing
Preseau Erin is currently entertaining multiple teaching offers and hopes to begin graduate school soon. English
Proux Scott is entering the workforce to save for graduate school.   Communications
Ramaker Sara will be entering working as a freelance writer. Writing
Redmond Tara is looking for an elementary teaching job in Virginia. Mathematics
Reese Shelly is currently substitute teaching and will soon be teaching summer school while looking for a teaching job for next year. English
Robinson Chad will be joining the work force for a few years before I attend medical school.   Biomedical Science
Roth Kellie is looking for an intellectually challenging job. International Relations/German
Rude James will be attending GVSU's police academy, and hopes to join the GRPD.   Biomedical Science
Sall Megan will this summer transition from her 2007 winter internship with the City of Wyoming to a full-time position there.  She also hopes to begin GVSU's MPA program.   International Relations
Schultz Allison will be attending Grand Valley's Physician Assistant Studies graduate program. Biomedical Science
Schwander Erica will be entering the Ph.D. program for Physical Chemistry at Michigan State University. Chemistry
Sexton Debra is actively pursuing a teaching position. English
Shepard Jennifer is going to graduate school at Illinois. Russian Studies
Shroyer Autumn will be working as a graduate assistant to Prof. Russ Rhoads and leading the anthropology department's summer field school (the topic is farmers' markets).  She will be working with West Grand Neighborhood Organization as the Market Master for the Westside Farmers' Market (on Bridge Street).  Communications/Anthro
Silva Ashley will be attending graduate school at University of Michigan for a degree in clinical social work. Psychology
Sinning Amanda is pursuing a career involving non-profit administration or grantwriting.  She hopes to attend graduate school after gaining more experience in her field of interest. Classics
Slaughter Lona will be starting GVSU's Masters of Public Administration. Communications
Smolinski Sara will be attending medical school at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Biomedical Science
Snider Ann will spend the summer directing a YMCA Day Camp and looking for teaching jobs.  In the fall, she hopes to be teaching elementary students.  Next summer,she intends start a masters program. English
Sowa Stephanie is working to save up money for a move and travel.  She notes that graduation day comes around very quickly. Photography
Sprague Kelsey will be taking a year off before moving to the west coast to break into the musical theatre scene there. The year off will allow further study in voice, dance, and acting. Music
Stevens Chris is entering the work force. Mathematics
Stevens Sandra will be taking an internship while continuing to work part-time. Communications
Stevens Veronika will be attending graduate school at Binghamton University in New York in the history program with a concentration on US Women's history. History
Stewart Regina will be studying abroad in Shanghai, China. Film & Video
Stoudt Ashly will be attending the Graduate School for Physician Assistant Studies. Biomedical Science
Struyk Tina has accepted an elementary teaching position in Osceola County, Florida.  Tina got the job thanks to a job fair held at Grand Valley. Spanish
Stuhan Derek will be entering the work force. He plans to research some graduate schools and building some finances before going on for an MFA.  He also hopes to study or travel abroad for a while, just for the experience. Writing
Stultz Brandon is entering the workforce. Physical Education
Sullivan Linda is attending graduate school at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for a Masters in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Writing
Swank Rachelle intends to work in Music Education and Teaching. Music
Switalski Jackie

accepted a first grade teaching position at the International Christian School of Tegucigalpa Honduras.

Psychology degree Emphasis on Special Education with endorsements in Cognitive and Emotional Impairments

TenBrink Holly will be attending graduate school at Ball State in Muncie, IN in the Counseling Psychology Department. Psychology
Terry Andrea is moving to Indiana to find a teaching job in social studies in a middle school or high school. Group Social Studies
Theis Rebecca will, after traveling abroad in Europe be seeking a job. Behavioral Science
Thomas Erin will be entering graduate school at The Ohio State Universityin Higher Education and Student Affairs. Advertising & PR
Thompson Haleigh will be studying English in the graduate program at MSU. Journalism
Thompson Joshua is actively seeking a job in sales, in pharmaceuticals or medical equipment. He looks forward to contuining his education. Psychology
Tilman Matt is joining the workforce, and will continue to pursue theatrical companies while putting his B.A. in Theatre to good use. Theatre
Trann Liz is continuing her current factory job until her September wedding. She is looking for a career in law, as a clerk or as a paralegal. History
Traskos Alexandria will be doing an internship and then entering the workforce. Sociology
Ufer Caitlin will be attending Indiana University for masters in Speech Language and Pathology. Psychology
Uhe Shushanna has an internship with Prein & Newhoff in the area of Communication, and is waiting to hear from Michigan State on acceptance into their Communication Masters program. Psychology
Valk Sena will be attending Michigan State University to get my professional medical degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine. Biomedical Science
Veeneman Laurene is working full time at GVSU. Communications
Veenstra Amy will be attending Wayne State University as a graduate student in the clinical psychology department. Psychology
Veenstra Jesse will be entering the MD/PhD program at Wayne State. Biomedical Science
Waggener Julie will be working at Deloitte and Touche as a Control Assurance Associate. Mathematics
Weaver KC will be entering graduate school at the Russian and East European Center at Indiana University Russian Studies
Wencel Elizabeth is currently in the Early Childhood graduate program at Grand Valley, will finish in August and is looking for a teaching job. Psychoplogy/Special Ed
Willacker Erin will be working with Advantage Health in a position Erin has held for the past year and a half, only now, full time.  Health Communication
Williams Jazmine will be attending Saint Louis University's Communication Masters program on a  full fellowship. Communications
Wippel Kathryn is looking for a teaching job in which she can teach both math and English at the high school level. Mathematics
Yost Daniel is seeking a job in the fisheries field. Natural Resource Management
Zemba Mandi will entering the workforce. Physical Education
Zimmerman Jacklyn will be doing a long term sub job at Rockford High School for the rest of the year and then looking for a full time secondary math teaching job in west Michigan. Mathematics


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