College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Winter 2012 Commencement Marshalls Selected

Date: December 4, 2012

Wampler adn Lupis with Antczak

Dean Frederick J. Antczak is happy to announce that the Winter 2012 Commencement Marshalls for CLAS will be Peter Wampler of Geology and Giuseppe Lupis of Music.

Professor Wampler has had a busy semester including sharing his mutlidisciplinary collaborative research in Haiti at the 2012 CLAS Teaching Roundtables and at a recent CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium.

Professor Lupis is well loved for his generosity in playing piano for CLAS events and his participation on the CLAS Faculty Council.  Lupis had a particularly exciting year that included many concerts here and in Europe as well as running an Italian music festival in the summer--this year with a GVSU student intern gaining valuable experience.

Please join us in celebrating the fascinating work of our colleagues.



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