Other Resources for Pre-Professional Students

Resources for Pre-Professional Students

ADEA Internship
Job Shadowing and Volunteering

Certification Information for Health Careers

Test Prep Materials & Practice Tests

Pawl Scholarship Description & Application

Payments for Professional Students
Electronic payment for veCollect, Virtual Evals, Test Prep Course, MCAT Practice Test, and MCAT Self-assessment

Interviewing Soon:  Interviewing Documents

Resource Room The Resource Room is located at the CLAS Academic Advising Center in C-1-140 MAK. In the Resource Room, you can find materials to help you in career exploration, information about graduate and professional schools, and more. Below is a document that lists materials currently available. Resource Room Inventory  In addition, we have additional materials for your use in preparing for your professional school entrance exam.  These materials have been placed on Closed Reserve at the Mary Idema Pew Learning & Library Commons. See the list of materials available.

Reading List The Pre-Professional Reading List is a list of suggested reading for pre-professional students by their advisers, professors, and peers. If you have a suggestion to add to the list, please let your advisor know! Below is a copy of our current list. Reading List

Fellowship Opportunities for Pre Medical Students See List

Top Ten Tips for Successful Completion of the AMCAS Application Document