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Classical Languages Emphasis

At Grand Valley and nationally, most Classics majors take both ancient Greek and Latin. The Classical Languages emphasis provides the flexibility to pursue both languages within one major.

Consult the GVSU Catalog for detailed program information:

Classics - Program Description 
Classics, B.A. 
   Classical Languages 
   Classical Tradition 
   Latin Secondary Education 

Classics (minor) 
   Classical Tradition 

First Century Skills
At GVSU, Classics students acquire and refine analytical and communications skills that make them better able to approach any problem creatively and successfully. (Click image to enlarge.)

Access to the languages in which the seminal works of the ancient world were composed provides students with a special perspective on ancient culture and gives them a unique insight into the foundations of poetry, drama, history, philosophy, religion, law, and the sciences.

Training in the classical languages represents the kind of serious mental rigor and discipline that is an excellent training for a variety of careers.

Students interested in graduate studies in Classics should plan on attaining advanced levels in both languages.

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