The Department of Classics

Melissa M. Morison

Melissa Morison

Associate Professor

Roman and Greek archaeology / Roman and Greek pottery / ceramic technology & petrography

BA University of Virginia
MA Indiana University
PhD Boston University

Homer and Dorothy Thompson Fellow, American School of Classical Studies, Athens


Migration, Diffusion and Emulation: Petrographic Comparisons of Early Transcaucasian and Anatolian Pottery from Malatya-Elazi, Turkey,” Ancient Near Eastern Studies 46 (2009) 138-159. [with M. Schwartz and K. Erdman]

Life and Death at a Port in Roman Greece: The Kenchreai Cemetery Project 2002-2006,” Hesperia 76 (2007) 143-181. [with J. Rife, A. Barbet, R. Dunn, & D. Ubelaker]

Romanisation in southern Epirus:  A ceramic perspective, in TRAC 2005:  Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Birmingham 2005, ed. Ben Croxford et al.

Roman and Late Antique Ceramics of Southern Epirus: Results of the Nikopolis Survey Project, in Foundation and Destruction: Nikopolis and Northwestern Greece, Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens, Athens 2001. ed. J. Isager.

Petrographic Analysis of Pottery from La Muculufa,
in La Muculufa II: Excavation and Survey 1988-1991

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