Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I apply to the COE?

Students apply to the undergraduate College of Education once they have completed substantial coursework in their major and minor areas of study and have met all minimum admission criteria for undergraduate teacher education. The COE undergraduate application deadline dates are September 15th for winter semester admission and February 1st for fall semester admission. The College of Education begins to accept undergraduate teacher education applications two weeks prior to the application deadline. Special education program candidates and secondary modern language majors must apply during winter semester (Feb. 1) for fall admission. Field waiver requests with extensive documentation must be submitted with the completed undergraduate teacher education application.

The College of Education offers year round admission into graduate programs. For more information see Graduate Admissions.
2. What are the GPA requirements for COE admission?

  • Admission requirements include a minimum 2.70 GVSU grade point average overall, in the major and minor, and in the professional program. English, English/Language Arts and art education require a 3.00 major grade point average. Achievement of the minimum standard does not guarantee admission. GPA scores must be in place at the time of application and cannot be pending. (Secondary Review) is an option for students who do NOT meet the required grade point average)
  • Admission to the College of Education graduate program requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher in the last 60 credits of undergraduate work.

3. How long does it take to receive a COE decision?

  • Undergraduate COE applications are carefully reviewed. It may take as long as six weeks before you are notified. A letter indicating the decision of the Dean of the COE is mailed to the local address provided on the application. After acceptance, New Student Orientation materials are sent.
  • Graduate COE applicants receive an admission decision 2-3 weeks after submitting required documents. These include the signed application, official transcripts from other higher education institutions attended, three letters of professional recommendation on pre-printed forms, and a $30.00 non-refundable GVSU admissions fee (which is waived for those who completed their undergraduate degree at GVSU).

4. Who do I meet with to arrange a course schedule?
To arrange a course schedule that meets undergraduate major, minor, and general education requirements, each student must contact the major department and schedule an appointment with an advisor. To arrange a course schedule within the elementary or secondary education major program, or to discuss the COE application process, contact the COE Student Information and Services Center. Graduate students also should contact the COE Student Information and Services Center and schedule an appointment with a graduate COE advisor to complete a planned program. 5. How do I schedule an appointment with a COE advisor?
Contact the COE Student Information and Services Center at 616.331.6650. 6. How do I register for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification?
You may register for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification via the internet at: You may also register via mail with a form included in the registration booklet. To receive a booklet, contact the COE Student Information and Services Center at 616.331.6650. Registration booklets are also available at 101 Eberhard Center.
7. When do I take the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification and which tests do I take?

  • Students who plan to apply to the undergraduate COE must take and receive acceptable test scores (minimum score of 220, out of a possible 300) in the basic skills areas of reading, mathematics and writing. Students may take the test during the semester of COE application, but admission preference is given to applicants who have completed the tests and received scores prior to application. It is recommended that students take the Basic Skills Test the semester prior to submitting their application.
  • Students seeking Elementary Education certification must pass the Elementary Education test. Students who also take and pass the test in their major field, will receive that endorsement and be able to teach grades 6-8 in the endorsement area. Students seeking Secondary Education certification must pass major and minor area competency tests (the MTTC Tests). Students seeking Special Education endorsements must pass the Elementary Education test to receive elementary certification. If they also pass the test(s) in their special education endorsement areas, they will receive those endorsements and be able to teach grades K-12 in the endorsement areas.
  • Students will not receive the desired certificate or endorsement unless they complete all required coursework and take and pass the test(s) that matches their approved subject area(s) and/or certificate level.

8. Do you offer a program for people who hold a four year degree and would like to become certified to teach?
Our Graduate Teacher Certification (GTC) program offers an alternative route to initial teacher certification for those who hold a four year degree. To attend a GTC information session contact the COE Student Information and Services Center at 616.331.6650. 9. What are the application deadlines for the graduate practicum and thesis courses?
Graduate students must apply in advance to participate in the graduate practicum and thesis courses. The application deadline dates are: February 15 for spring/summer semester
May 15 for fall semester September 15 for winter semester

10. Once all coursework is completed, how do I initiate the paperwork for Michigan provisional certification, professional certification, or an additional endorsement?
All candidates applying for new or certificate change must initiate the certification process by self-registering in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). First time candidates must created a MEIS account before signing into MOECS at Once the MEIS account is established, you log into MOECS with your MEIS user ID and password and apply for your certificate. After you apply for your certificate, your application will be submitted to the institution that you identified in the application process via MOECS for review and approval.