College of Education

Professional Teacher Education Advisory Council (PTEAC) Members

Members Serving During 2013 - 2014 Academic Year

Name Academic Department Areas Represented/Position
Armstrong, Dorothy College of Education Leadership & Learning
Cimitile, Maria Office of the Provost Office of the Provost Liaison (Ex-officio member)
Coffey, David Mathematics & COE CLAS/COE Joint Faculty Appointment
Collins, Elaine College of Education Dean; PTEAC Chair
Cooley, Richard History History, Group Social Studies, Geography, Social Sciences, Political Science
Gibbs, Beth Music Music, Visual Arts
Golden, John Mathematics Mathematics
King, Caryn College of Education Associate Dean – Accreditation and Assessment
Lancaster, Paula College of Education Special Ed., Foundations, Tech.
Masko, Amy English English, Modern Languages & Literature, Classic Languages
Matthews, Amy Psychology Psychology, Movement Science
McCrea, Linda College of Education Teacher Education
Miller, Sandy College of Education Special Education
Oliver, Keith Physics Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Integrated Sciences
Owens, Tom College of Education Student Information and Services
Pfahler, Ryan Coopersville Area Public Schools K-12 PTEAC Representative
Pickett, Linda College of Education Early Childhood Education
Schaner, Betty College of Liberal Arts and Science CLAS Academic Advising Center
Schutten, Mary College of Liberal Arts and Science Associate Dean (Ex-officio member)
Subramony, Deepak College of Education Educational Technology
Vacant   Student Rep


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