College of Education - Undergraduate


Field Placement Requirements

Teacher Assisting (Education EDI 330 , EDI 331, EDI 332, EDS 332 )

Upon admission to Undergraduate Teacher Education, the student will be placed in teacher assisting for the following semester, contingent upon an interview and acceptance by the school administrator. Students who postpone their entrance after admission must reapply as new applicants if they seek readmission. Students must follow the holiday break schedule designated by the K-12 district for their school placement/assignment, not the GVSU holiday break schedule for both teacher assisting and student teaching. Field placements are generally made within a 40-mile radius from campus unless further placement is deemed necessary for suitable supervision and effective use of unit resources.

Student Teaching (Education EDI 430 , EDI 431 , EDS 471 , EDS 472 )

  1. Submission of completed application packet by September 15 for winter placement, February 1 for fall placement.
  2. Completion of Teacher Assisting with a grade of B- or better and positive recommendations.
  3. Completion of EDF 310 , and EDR 320  or EDR 321 , with a B- or better.
  4. Completion of EDT 370 , and EDS 378  or EDS 379  (elementary and secondary general education students only) with a B- or better.
  5. Continued 2.7 GPA overall and in the education major sequence, content area major, minor. Currently, these content area majors require a 3.0 GPA: Art Education, Language Arts, English (major and minor). Beginning Fall 2015 3.0 GPA will be required for Social Studies majors, and History majors and minors.
  6. Interview and acceptance by school administrator.

Students must inform the Associate Director for Placement if they must withdraw from a field placement course. Notification must be immediate and in writing. Failure to do so will result in removal from the program.

Exit Requirements

Recommendation for the Michigan Provisional Certificate requires the following:

  1. Completion of degree requirements and teaching major, minor, and education major/professional program requirements.
  2. GPA of 2.7 overall and in the major, minor, and education major program. Currently, these content area majors require a 3.0 GPA: Art Education, Language Arts, English (major and minor).
  3. Grades of B- or better and positive recommendations in professional fieldwork courses, EDF 310, and EDR 320 or EDR 321, EDT 370, EDS 378 or EDS 379 (elementary and secondary general education students only), and EDF 485.
  4. Passing scores on Michigan Subject Area Tests.
    • Elementary candidates must pass the Elementary Test. If an elementary candidate passes the subject area test in an academic major area or special education endorsement area, these will be added to the teaching certificate.
    • Secondary candidates must pass subject area tests in both the teaching major and minor.
  5. Current certification of CPR (Adult/Child) Instruction and First Aid (Standard or Basic).Click here for approved providers.
  6. If your criminal background information has changed since you originally applied for admission to the College of Education, contact the Associate Director of the Student Information and Services Center (SISC) to confirm the change(s) are on file in SISC.

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