Community Engagement Partnership Data Collection Team

The Partnership Data Collection Team is an ad hoc team that will meet in Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 semesters to oversee and support the design and testing of a partnership data collection system to serve the entire university. University leaders, faculty, and staff have repeatedly requested an on-line, searchable system to share and access information on existing community partnerships and professional interests. The system will be designed to increase responsiveness to community requests, offer opportunities for collaboration, support marketing of our community impact, and identify areas of alignment with the interests of potential funders. This first phase of the system will include development of a web-based registration process and data collection system, as well as supporting manuals and reporting features.

The team will work closely with a group of four CIS 463 Information Systems Capstone students under the supervision and direction of CIS faculty member, David Lange. Students will collectively commit approximately 1000 hours to the project over an 11-week period.

Activities and Responsibilities:

  •  Regularly review and give feedback on drafts of the data collection software, web design, manuals, and other guides
  • At critical points, test the evolving system for usability and efficacy
  • Upon completion, recruit other stakeholders for additional testing and feedback
  • Raise and address questions and concerns from a variety of university perspectives
  • Promote buy-in from respective departments during first year of implementation 


  • Ability to represent the needs of critical university stakeholders
  • Extensive experience with one or more related university databases
  • Understanding of survey design, implementation, and analysis
  • Knowledge of data that could complement GVSU’s existing systems and meet the needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Technical knowledge and skills related to servers, database development, web page development and design, or other areas

Time commitment:

  • Monthly meetings during the fall and early spring semesters, with additional frequency at critical junctures of software development


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