Community Engagement Core Team

The Community Engagement Core Team exists to provide systems thinking, strategic direction, and support to build GVSU’s infrastructure for community engagement. Understanding both the big picture and details, the Core Team actively leads and guides the work of the Office for Community Engagement.


Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Identify and support strategic initiatives that will lead to our preferred future
  • Guide implementation of these initiatives
  • Identify participants for initiatives and opportunities
  • Problem-solve challenges
  • Plan and implement strategic communication with key university contacts
  • Advocate for community engagement within university networks
  • Provide feedback from a variety of university perspectives


  • Commitment to community engagement for the benefit of our students, our communities, our faculty, and GVSU as a whole
  • Interest in and capacity for interdisciplinary thinking and systems change efforts
  • Established collaborative relationships and influence
  • Experience with community engagement
  • A commitment to collectively deepen the team’s learning through implementation and reflection
  • Willingness to share assets—skills, resources, partnerships, and networks—toward our common goals
  • Excellent communication skills, including superior listening skills

Time Commitment:

  • Monthly meetings during the academic year
  • One year commitment

Page last modified July 26, 2013