Community Engagement Impact Assessment Team


Many GVSU faculty and staff have well-developed community partnerships. To support and further develop our university/community engagement, it is essential to determine the impact of our partnerships on our students, faculty, and communities. The Impact Assessment Team exists to address this critical need.

This cross-disciplinary team’s multi-year effort to design and implement an approach to assessment will be completed within a number of contexts. First, GVSU’s strategic plan and our core purpose—teaching, learning, and research—will guide our efforts. Secondly, whenever possible, the team will employ and meaningfully supplement data collected through the Office of Institutional Analysis. It will be important to align the team’s work with that of the University Impact Committee. Finally, consistent with high-quality engagement, measurement of community impact will be completed in the context of our community partnerships, with collaborative design of indicators and methods as well as execution of data collection and analysis.

Areas of assessment of our university/community engagement may include the following:

  • Evidence of student learning outcomes in addition to evidence of retention, graduation, and employment
  • Expanded research opportunities and increased research projects and publications
  • Revenue enhancement and overall return on investment
  • Community impact
  • Impact on GVSU as an institution

Activities and Responsibilities:

The team will

  • Identify and define areas of assessment and the aims of each, including who will benefit from the assessment information
  • Determine priorities for assessment and goals for the coming and successive years
  • Identify best practices in assessment of university-community engagement in addition to innovative methods used at GVSU
  • Design and pilot impact models and tools
  • Communicate results


  • Understanding of community engagement as a methodology for teaching, learning, and research
  • Professional interest and proficiency in assessment and impact measurement, particularly in the context of community engagement

Time commitment:

  • Two-year commitment
  • Approximately four hours per month, including meetings and preparation

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