Community Partners

Historically, universities have employed an expert model of delivering knowledge to various sectors of the community—business, education, nonprofit, and government. This model is changing as both communities and their academic partners are seeking greater reciprocity and mutual benefit. In this new model of engagement, both the university and community contribute knowledge and resources and work collaboratively to create the purpose, process, and result of our efforts. 

GVSU’s Office for Community Engagement is interested in community perceptions of the issues our community/university partnerships should address. In particular, we hope to learn the following:
  • What are the most pressing needs, challenges, and opportunities facing our region and state?
  • What role might GVSU play in addressing these challenges?
  • What assets are unique to our region and state, and how might we leverage these assets together?
  • How should GVSU engage our community as strategic partners in meeting regional and state goals?
To share your perspective on these questions, please email stegemar@gvsu or call 616-331-9120.

Page last modified March 21, 2013