Community Outreach Week

Group Project Ideas

Thank you for your interest in planning a project for Community Outreach Week 2015 - March 21-28. With your support, we are truly demonstrating the University’s mission of “Educating students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies.” Just imagine the collective impact that over 107,600 current and former GVSU students can make! We hope the following resources will help get you started:


Consider projects that would be of broad interest to your group and where alumni may be able to bring children or family members.

Touch base with active members of your group to see if they have issues or causes of interest to them or organizations they work with regularly.

If you don't have a project in mind, we have listed several online resources to help you research volunteer organizations by location, key word, organization title, and/or in some cases even by a specific date.

Identify a nonprofit organization related to the interest or issue you have chosen and contact them about volunteering. Download a list of questions to discuss with the volunteer coordinator to ensure they are able to accommodate your group.

Is the potential agency easily accessible/centrally located? Try reaching a differing variety of causes from year to year (not all hunger-related or clean-up projects, etc.)

Be sure to get the address of the project location and the contact information for the organization's volunteer coordinator so that it can be properly publicized.

Community Outreach Week (COW) is scheduled for March 21-28, 2015. Typically projects that can be done on the weekends or weekday evenings draw the largest alumni turnout. Be sure to list the shift times for the project.

Before the Event
Create Your Project so that we can list it in the Calendar of Events and invite other graduates and students to participate. Individuals can sign up to participate online, by contacting Alumni Relations or you directly.

Alumni Relations staff members will remain in contact with you regarding number of participants and will send apparel for you to distribute to participants at the event.

Looking to get some media coverage for your project? provides great resources for maximizing your volunteer exposure. Get Tips for Working with the Media as well as a sample media advisory and press release.

During the Event
Please have all participants sign in and indicate their contact information.

Act as the point person between the agency volunteer coordinator and alumni volunteers.

Distribute volunteer apparel to participants.

Be sure to take pictures of individuals and the group for use in GVSU publications.


After the Event
Send the attendee list to Alumni Relations so that all volunteers may be properly thanked.

Forward pictures of the event so they can be posted in GVSU publications.

If you hadn't done so previously, tell us about your event, and be registered to win a great prize!


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