CSCE Funding Opportunties (Chart)

Faculty Travel Grant-in-Aid

Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grant Application Form

Faculty Mini Grant-in-Aid

Mini-Grant Program Overview and Application Process

Mini-Grant Application Form

Mini-Grant and Research Grant Final Report  

Faculty Research Grants

Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment Guidelines  (Available March 1, 2011 grant deadline)

Early Career Research Stipends  (Available March 1, 2011 grant deadline)

 Independent Contractor Form and Information

Payment to Human Subjects for Research

Guidelines for Payment to Human Subjects

Voucher Form for Payment to Human Subjects (click on 'Voucher Form" for MS Word Document)

Padnos International Center  - International Checklist for travel

Faculty/Staff International Travel Checklist (important information for travel with/without students to overseas destinations)

 Financial Services

As part of the reimbursement process it is required that receipts smaller than half a sheet of paper (8 ½ X 5 ½) be taped to an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper. No staples are allowed. You may put as many receipts on the paper as you can without overlapping any of the information or edges of the 8 ½ x 11. You may use both sides of the paper and you may use more than one sheet if necessary. Make sure that all information is readable and not covered by the tape. Please do not use highlighters to identify your reimbursable expense, instead circle the appropriate items (Highlighters and tape may degrade the ink before the document can be scanned into the University's imaging system for record keeping.)

Sabbatical Leave

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