Mini-Grant Program


Funding Cycles and Deadlines


Application Process

Funding Limitations

Reimbursement Requests

Purpose: The purpose of the Mini-Grant Program is to provide flexibility to meet special funding needs that, without support, would prevent researchers from pursuing the project. The award is designed to help defray the cost of travel, supplies, and other materials necessary to conduct the project. These funds are not intended to be used to supplement any current funding or conference travel. 


Eligibility: All tenured and tenure-track faculty members (Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor) are eligible

Given equally meritorious applications, preference will be given to the support scholarship originating at GVSU, to individuals actively seeking alternative sources (particularly external sources) of support, and to individuals who have not received prior funding under this program (particularly within the past year). 


Funding Limitations: Funding will be limited to one grant per faculty member per yearAwards will consist of a maximum of $400.


Funding Cycles and Deadlines: CSCE Mini-Grant proposals will be accepted any time during the academic year. Your proposal is not approved until you receive a confirmation email from the center. 


Application Process: On-lineClick on the link on the CSCE website and you will be directed to our on-line application process. 


Reimbursement Requests: All reimbursements are processed through the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. Submit your Travel & Expense vouchers, receipts, invoices, PO's etc. to CSCE, 321C DEV. 

Mini-Grant recipients are expected to prepare a synopsis of the scholarship at the completion of the project. No further funding will be given to the faculty member until the synopsis is received and accepted by the Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. Reimbursements will not be processed without the accompanying report. 


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