In-School Training

The GVSU CSO offers a variety of in-school workshops and services focused on data-driven instruction, reading instruction, classroom management, and using technology in the classroom.



Data Driven Instruction
Lissa Brunan | Email:
Alissa Thelen | Email:

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP ©) is the assessment that the majority of GVSU’s charter schools utilize from the NWEA.

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Curriculum Crafter

The Curriculum Crafter

The Tool and the Common Core State Standards
Danna Ferris | Email:

The creation and adoption of Common Core State Standards is a momentous occasion that will certainly help our nation’s students compete more readily in a global economy.

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Student Engagement

Student Engagement Clinical Observations

Best Practices: Teaching for Student Responsibility
Dan Matthews | Email:

Matthews records engagement data during the lessons and follows up with opportunities for teachers to reflect and talk openly abut their classroom management challenges.

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Reading Initiatives

Reading Initiatives

Wendy Miller | Email:
Jill Weber | Email:
Lori Davis | Email:

In guided reading, the teacher provides support for small, flexible groups of beginning readers.

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eLearning in the Classroom

Engaging Students Through Technology
Dan Warren | Email:

Technology advancement creates opportunities for classroom teachers to enhance instruction through various eLearning tools.