NWEA LiveBinders

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NWEA 101

Building on the Basics of MAP Testing


NWEA 101 is great for beginners, teachers/administrators new to NWEA MAP testing.  Understanding the purpose of the test and how it can be your ally is key.  Learn about creating an environment where student take ownership of their performance and their goals.



NWEA 201

Analyzing Data & Informing Parents


NWEA 201 dives deeper into the numbers.  Teachers/Administrators will learn how to analyze MAP data quickly and efficienctly.  No more sorting through pages of data.  Know what to look for and what it's saying about your student's instructional level.



Lexile Workshop

Creating Student Booklists


Creating Student Booklists - A Lexile Workshop takes one piece of data from the NWEA test to a whole new level.  Understanding what the lexile score is and how it can help you put the right books in the hands of your students, can positively effect their test scores.  Finding books that match student's interest, comprehension level, and maturity level are the three keys discussed in this workshop.




NWEA 301

DesCartes & Instructional Data


NWEA 301 brings the data into the classroom.  To become a data driven classroom, not only do you have to be able to analyze data quickly but you also have to allow it to effect how you teach.  This workshop will get hands on with ways to use DesCartes and Instructional Data as tools to enhance your current lesson plans in order to meet the needs of all learners.




Instructional Data Ladders


Use your Goal by RIT (aka Class Breakdown Report) to create useful Common Core data ladders for grades K-1 with Instructional Data in the areas of ELA and Math.




DesCartes Ladders


Use your Goal by RIT (aka Class Breakdown Report) to create useful Common Core data ladders for grades 2+ with DesCartes in the areas of Reading, Math, Language Usage, and Science.




NWEA Test Prep


A collection of NWEA resources from documents and handouts to webinars and websites for NWEA testing is now at your fingertips. Organized in a way that make sense for the NWEA testing process, users of this NWEA LiveBinder can retrieve much needed materials that will aid in a smooth and knowledgeable testing season from beginning to end.   This resource can be helpful for proctors and coordinators to administrators and teachers.




NWEA Web Based Testing



The transition to Web Based MAP testing can have its ups and downs, but with this LiveBinder resource, all of the needed documents and resources are easily accessible.




Pinterest Party



GVSU Charter Schools Office is utilizing the popular online resource, Pinterest, to develop boards dedicated to the instructional statements in NWEA DesCartes and NWEA Instructional Data.  Along with GVSU CSO Staff, volunteer teachers and administrators have been adding to this resource, by attending an after school/on-site training to become dedicated Pinners.  GVSU CSO guides the process, but the majority of the time is used to search for unique/creative/easy ways to teach the concepts listed in the NWEA Learning Continuum Resource.




Technology, Tools & Teaching Tricks

Fast, Fun and FREE!


Technology, Tools, & Teaching Tricks Workshop goes through free/easy technology tools available to teachers/students/parents as well as discusses fun/easy teaching strategies that can bring more life to the classroom and the content.




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