Photo Contest Winner 2011-2012


1st Place
1st Place 2011-2012 Photo Contest
School – Excel Charter Academy
Title - "Fifth Grade Boys"
Photographer - Maryanne Bartell
Pictured - Front row L-R:  Alex King, AJ McNeal, Marquinceo Collins.    
Back Row: DaQuan Young.Date – December 18, 2011
Description –This photo was taken during lunch recess in December. These boys have known each other since Kindergarten or First grade.  During his young life, AJ McNeal (the boy with the blue and orange hoodie and black vest) has had 2 open heart surgeries at U of M. His mother told me that AJ rarely smiles at home so she was thrilled to see him smiling at school with his friends.


2nd Place
2nd Place 2011-2012 Photo Contest
School – East Arbor Academy
Title – “Let it Snow”
Photographer - Ashley Reed
Pictured – Student, Savannah Demars
Date -  January 19, 2012
Description – 4th graders enjoying recess


3rd Place
3rd Place 2011-2012 Photo Contest
School – East Arbor Charter Academy
Title - "My Story Will Be Famous Someday"
Photographer – Ashley Reed
Pictured – Eli Ross
Date – January 19, 2012
Description – First Grade student during writing workshop.



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