Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


To authorize the highest performing charter schools.



To enhance student learning by providing oversight, compliance, and professional development to our charter schools.


  • School performance is measured at the individual student level.
  • Data are critical for informing decisions.
  • Accountability includes student achievement, compliance and fiscal responsibility.
  • Student success equals strong educational leadership, great teachers, effective governance, diversity, respect and continuous improvement.


  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Charter Schools Office.
  • To encourage competitive applications that propose innovative instructional models to meet the needs of targeted students.
  • To design a plan for providing accurate information about charter schools to the general public and selected sectors.
  • To strategically manage Grand Valley State University's presence in Detroit.
  • To develop and implement a standardized start-up process for new charter schools.
  • To further inclusion and equity in the CSO and the GVSU Charter Schools.
  • To integrate the Office of Charter School's activities within the broader university.
  • To assist post-graduate GVSU-authorized charter school students to be successful.