Site-Specific Dance

Site-Specific Dance at GVSU.

We are interested in exploring unconventional spaces to create dance and performance with public participants as viewers or unintended performers.  We are interested in how a specific geographic site and its architecture, history, purpose and intention can inspire specific movement choices from humans.

Stay tuned to this page to see where the Site-Specific dance class ends up next!

Study 1: Our Kirkhof stand in on the campus of Grand Valley State University.

Study 2: The Ravine study at Grand Valley State University.

Study 3: The Blue Bridge study, downtown Grand Rapids.

Study 4: KAVA Coffee House in Eastown, Grand Rapids

Study 5: Laundry, at the Laundromat in Allendale, MI

Study 5: Grand Rapids Art Museum, downtown Grand Rapids.

Page last modified March 14, 2014