Dean of Students

University Judiciary

The University Judiciary is responsible for informing students about their rights and responsibilities on campus.  Grievance procedures and judicial referrals are available for handling students' concerns regarding university practices.

The Student Code lists Grand Valley rules and regulations and outlines campus judicial processes.  Persons attending Grand Valley automatically place themselves under the rules and regulations published in the Student Code.  Infraction of these rules is dealt with by university judiciary bodies made up of students, faculty, and staff.  Prompt and confidential investigations and resolutions of judicial cases are standard procedures. 

To initiate the judicial process, a Judicial Referral Form is submitted to the Director of Judicial and Special Programs.  You may request the form by calling the Dean of Students Office, 616.331.3585, or click here to download a Judicial Referral Form. Save this form in Microsoft Word on your computer before filling it out. Once filled out, print, sign, and send to the Director of Judicial and Special Programs in the Dean of Students Office, 202 STU.

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact Aaron Haight, Director of Judicial and Special Programs by telephone, 616.331.3585 or by email

Page last modified January 15, 2014