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The East Asian and Chinese Studies faculty recognize the need for our students, most of whom come from West Michigan and its vicinity, to be well versed in cultures other than their own. Faculty in the programs offer cross-cultural understanding and intercultural communication perspectives, allowing students to become well-rounded and well-grounded in their knowledge of China and East Asia as they find their niche in a demographically and culturally diverse society and an increasingly global economy.

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Welcome our Visiting Scholar, Mr. Xiping Yao!

The Visiting Scholar News: Mr. Xiping Yao from the People’s Republic of China will do his research on “Boston Confucianism” at Grand Valley State University with Professor Peimin Ni of the East Asian Studies Program as his advisor

The East Asian Studies Program at Grand Valley State University hosts a visiting scholar, Mr. Xiping Yao for the Winter Semester of 2015. Currently, he is a senior lecturer of the English language and literature at Xinzhou Teachers’ University in Shanxi Province, the People’s Republic of China. He received his Master’s Degree in public administration from Yanshan University and his Bachelor’s Degree in the English language and literature from Taiyuan University of Technology. Among many of his publications are his articles entitled “On Reform of the New CET” and “On the 2Ps College English Teaching Methods.” Besides his teaching career, his research interests include Eastern philosophy (in particular Confucianism), Mount Wutai and Buddhism, and intercultural communications. He was invited to present his research for a seminar on the Risk Society by Ulrich Beck at Renmin University in 2009. For the Winter Semester and at Grand Valley State University, he will do research on “Boston Confucianism.” However, he is willing to discuss any other topics which are related to Chinese philosophy, culture, religions, history, politics, and literature. Questions should be addressed to either Leslye Allen at 616-331-8110; or Patrick Shan at 616-331-8504.









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