East Asian Studies

Students seeking a minor in East Asian Studies are required to complete 21-22 credit hours. Normally this includes nine credits of core courses, four credits of language above the 201-level, and nine credits of electives, for a total of 22 credits. Students who enter the university competent in Japanese or Chinese at the 202-level or higher will take one extra elective course for a total of 21 credits. No more than two courses from any department other than East Asian Studies can be counted toward the minor. There is no limit on the courses designated East Asian Studies (EAS) that may apply to the minor.

Minor requirements consist of three core courses:

EAS 201 - East Asia in the Contemporary World
PHI 210 - Eastern Philosophy
EAS 301 - Masterpieces of East Asian Literature

In addition to the three required courses, students will choose nine credit hours of elective courses from the following list:

CHI 321 - Ancient Chinese Culture
CHI 322 - Classical Chinese Culture
CHI 380 - Special Topics
EAS 380 - Special Topics
EAS 399 - Independent Study
ENG 204 - Mythology (when taught by EAS faculty)
GPY 354 - Geography of Asia
HST 240 - East Asia to 1800
HST 241 - East Asia since 1800
HST 333 - Modern China
HST 342 - History of East Asian Religions
PHI 306 - Eastern Great Philosophers
PLS 283 - Comparative Politics: China and Japan

Current and potential special topics include:

Classical Chinese Poetry, Classical Chinese Prose, Japanese Theater and Cinema, Chinese Theater and Cinema, Classical Chinese/Japanese Literature, Japanese Management and Corporations, and Strategic Japanese Communications.

Current and past study abroad courses that are also acceptable for electives include Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society, Cultural Geography of China, Advanced Readings in Japanese, Modern Japanese Literature in English Translation, Modern Japanese International Relations, Introduction to Asian Religions, Japanese Linguistics, and Strategic Japanese Communications.

Students may choose one course for the elective requirement from comparative international courses taught at Grand Valley. These comparative courses must have a minimum of 25 percent of their content devoted to East Asia. Below are examples of some courses that may qualify. Students should check with the coordinator of the East Asian Studies Program for a current list of acceptable courses.

Courses that may qualify include:

ANT 204 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ECO 365 - Comparative Economic Systems
HST 345 - The Ancient Mediterranean and Orient
SS 270 - Gender and Family in Third World Development
SS 280 - Comparative Religions 

Credits transferred from an East Asian study abroad program will be evaluated and applied, where appropriate, to the East Asian Studies minor. However, of the 21-22 credits required, a minimum of six credits must be taken in residence at Grand Valley.

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