School of Engineering

ECE Laboratory Safety Procedures

I. Introduction

For the Safety of all persons using the School of engineering equipment and facilities please follow these general rules.

II. Laboratory Safety

1. Respect the power of Electricity! Always check for voltage prior to connecting, disconnecting or touching your Circuit.

2. Never work in a laboratory alone, make sure you have a partner who is able to use the Emergency Power Shutoff and call for help. (Phones are located in all rooms with emergency power shutoffs’)

3. Know where the Emergency Power Shutoff is for the laboratory you are working in. (Note: Only Instructors or Laboratory Supervisors have the key to turn the power back on)

4. Remember a shock hazard is always present when working with electrical or electronic circuits, make sure your work and equipment is grounded and in good operating condition.

5. Obtain proper training before attempting to use any electronic equipment or tools.

6. Before Operating Equipment check the Policy & Procedures for Shop Qualifications. On most equipment in the School of Engineering you must be qualified prior to its use.

7. Use static straps to prevent electrostatic discharge. (ESD)© A small “snap” can destroy your chip or memory card.

8. When Soldering, always solder using proper soldering procedures. Use of the ventilation hood is required when soldering.

9. Always follow Policy & Procedure for Students Working in Labs.

10. If you don’t understand how something works or unable to get something to work always ask for assistance by a Laboratory Supervisor or Instructor.


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