School of Engineering

Electronics Laboratory Equipment Procedures


We pride ourselves for having the best and current up to date equipment available to our students to use in our labs. To keep our equipment in good working order and available this Electronics Laboratory Equipment Procedure must be followed by Students, Faculty & Staff of the Grand Valley School of Engineering.

 I. Equipment and Supplies

A. Anyone (Student/Staff/Faculty) borrowing Tools\Equipment from any electronics lab or Laboratory Support room must check in/out with a Laboratory Support Attendant (KEN 234) or record his/her Name, Student ID Number (10 digit phone number) the date & time loaned, the Item ID (Bar Code)and the item/s borrowed. This is done electronically through the Asset Management System.

B. Tools or instruments must be returned on the same day in order to best assure availability of the limited resources. If the item is needed for a longer time, approval from the Laboratory Supervisor is required.

C. All tools must be returned to the original storage site after use.

D. Anyone using any components or parts from the lab must return the components or parts to it original storage bin or drawer.  If the items are already in short supply (only one or two remaining), they are not to be used without first obtaining approval of the Laboratory Supervisor or Faculty Member. This assures Stock replenishment.

E. For the safety our Equipment, all  doors to the Electronics Laboratory must be locked at all times and will not be propped open at any time. Access cards can be obtained with your Instructors permission.

Page last modified May 16, 2011