School of Engineering


Can I schedule a tour of the engineering building?

Yes, to schedule a tour please contact the PCEC advising center by email ( or phone ( 616-331-6025) to make arrangements.


What classes should I take?

Please view the advising program plans to help arrange your schedule. This can be found here.


Should I live on the Allendale or Pew campus?

This decision is up to you. The majority of engineering courses are at the Kennedy building on the Pew campus, but depending on your schedule you may also be taking classes in Allendale. The bus ride between the two campuses takes about 30 min with buses coming every 5-10 min depending on the time of day.


I need a permit for a class, what should I do?

You can receive a permit for these banner errors: closed capacity, major or attribute restriction, missing prerequisite,  duplicate, or if the class requires a permit. To receive a permit please fill out the form found on our main page under, "Popular Pages." Once you fill the form out please email the completed form to From there, a professor will either approve or deny your request and you will receive an email usually within 48 hours (please note that when classes are first available permit traffic is heavy and it may take longer then usual to receive an answer).


If your question is not here please feel free to contact us via email ( or phone (616-331-6750). 

Page last modified July 10, 2014