School of Engineering

Graduate Programs (M.S.E.)

Learn it Tonight, Use it Tomorrow

All graduate courses are designed and taught to meet the needs of working professionals in manufacturing and mechanical engineering. The applied content of each course helps increase the professional knowledge needed for success on the job.

Courses meet one evening per week, Monday through Thursday. In addition, selected courses are offered on a rotating basis in a condensed format on Saturday.

Tailored to Fit

Each student, working with a faculty advisor, develops a program of study to fit individual interests and needs. In addition to selecting from courses in professional practice, manufacturing design, production operations, and manufacturing controls and automation, students may elect courses in other areas of interest such as business or computer science.

The masters capstone project can involve a significant problem based on the student's work experience.

Start from Where You're At

Programs of study for those with either undergraduate engineering degrees or other suitable technical backgrounds are available.

Finish When You Need To

Programs of study can be as short as one course, a group of three related courses, or lead to the Master of Science Degree in Engineering.

Look Who's Teaching

Courses are taught by our faculty, most of whom have significant industrial experience. In addition, adjunct instructors teach subjects in which they have significant experience and have achieved professional excellence.

But I Have a Master's Degree in Engineering

If you wish to pursue your education beyond the Master's degree, please contact us for further information.

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