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Chirag Parikh

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Title: Associate Professor

Field of Study: Computer Engineering

Office: 249 Hall of Engineering

Phone: 616-331-7318



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Dr Parikh has a BE in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai, India, and earned his MS and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Texas at San Antonio. Dr Parikh's teaching interest includes C programming, Digital System Design and Advanced FPGA System. Dr Parikh's research interest includes Digital System Design, FPGA System Design and Hardware Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithms.

Dr Parikh has published several research and pedagogical papers.


Journal Publications:

1.    P. A. Patel and C. J. Parikh, IDEA Cryptographic Processor in
, Special Issue of the Journal Computational Methods in Sciences and
Engineering, 2005

Technical Publications:

1.   P. Patel and C. Parikh, An Efficient Design and Implementation of
DES and Triple-DES Algorithms
, 18th International Conference on
Computers and Their Applications (CATA- 2003), March 2003, Honolulu, Hawaii.

2.  Chirag Parikh and Parimal Patel, Performance Evaluation of AES
Algorithm on Various Development Platforms
, Eleventh Annual IEEE
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics, June 2007, Dallas, Texas.

3. Sunil Kashyap, Chirag Parikh and Parimal Patel, Implementation of an
IEEE 802.11i based Wireless Security System
, International Conference on
High Performance Computing, Networking and
    Communication Systems, July 2007, Orlando, Florida.

4. Barry Schulz, Christian Trefftz and Chirag Parikh, Opportunities for
parallelism when implementing algorithms in VHDL ­ A Case Study ­
, 2009 EIT Conference, June 2009, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

5. Chirag Parikh and Ben Bufford, Design and Implementation of FPGA RSA
, ISCA 23rd International Conference on Computers and Their
Applications (CAINE-2010), November 2010, Las Vegas, NV.

Pedagogical Publications:
1. Chirag Parikh and Bruce Dunne, Introducing a Hardware Platform in the Sophomore level C-programming Course, 2009 ASEE North Central Conference, April 2009, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2. Bruce Dunne, Andrew Sterian and Chirag Parikh, Introducing Sophomore Engineering Students to Control Theory using Mobile Robots, 2009 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, June 2009, Austin, Texas.