School of Engineering

Rob Bossemeyer

Faculty Photo

Title: Professor

Field of Study: Biomedical Engineering

Office: 136 Kennedy Hall of Engineering

Phone: 616-331-6750



Spring/Summer 2014

EGR 486 Senior Engineering Project II


The University of Michigan, B.S.E.E., 1974.

The University of Michigan, M.S.E.E., 1978.

The University of Michigan, M.S.Bio.E., 1978.

The University of Michigan, Ph.D.Bio.E., 1981.

While a graduate student Dr. Bossemeyer developed techniques for applying digital signal processing to
analyze nerve bundle electrical signals. He worked with the Neurology Clinic at the University of Michigan
Medical Center to develop methods for quantifying thresholds to motion sense and pain sensations. In 1981,
Dr. Bossemeyer started his industrial research career at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, N.J. working
on applied signal processing for speech signals (computer recognition of speech, verification of identity by
spoken words, and conversion of text to speech). His career in the telecommunications industry spanned
nearly two decades and resulted in over 50 patents. In 2000, he established a consulting company to provide
speech technology services to government and business. He joined the faculty of GVSU as an assistant
professor in 2011 following a year as a visiting professor in 2010. He teaches courses in analog and digital
circuit analysis, signal processing, C programming, and bioelectrical potentials. He and a bioengineering
graduate student are currently engaged in a research project with a local cancer surgeon.