School of Engineering

Past Senior Projects

2011 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title Industry Sponser
Mobile Race Track Wheel Aligner Burke E. Porter
Bubble Tower Grand Rapids Children's Museum
Vehicle Intelligent eye-Witness DornerWorks
Charge-for-Charge Fulton Innovation
Chasis Dynamometer For Electric Golf Cars and ATV Gill Industries
Software Defined Radio Telescope GVSU-Physics
Steerable Radio Antenna GVSU-Physics
Walker Assist GVSU-PDM
Trunk Control Measurement GVSU-PDM
Underwater Visual Detection for Aerial Awareness Grand Rapids Diving
Data Acquisition on Medical Carts InnerSpace
UV Angel Magnum Engineering, LLC
Material Handling System for Laser Cutter Rapid-Line INC
Video Occupancy Detection System Twisthink

2010 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title Industry Sponser
An automated Fill and drain system for steam cleaners testing bed                                                         Bissell Incorporated
Search and Rescue imaging Module DornerWorks
Wireless Power 3D Mouse Fulton Innovation
Independent Electric Drive and Suspension for a Precedent i2L Golf Car Gill Industries
Tractor Seat Gill Industries
Modular Lighting System Stanley InnerSpace
Auto Closing and Opening Roll top Niche (ACORN) Stanley InnerSpace
Vibration Table Stanley InnerSpace
Technical and Cost improvements of an automotive mirror production line Magna Mirrors
Bowling Replacement Scoring System Magnum Engineering, LLC
Power Data Logging and Web interface GVSU-MAREC
Window Assembly Automation Rapid-Line INC

2009 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title Industry Sponser
Bilge and aerator pump testing benches Attwood Marine
Drop test fixture Bissell Incorporated
Controllable, Repeatable - die spray release system Brillcast INC
RCD Tensile Tester Gentex Corporation
Office Furniture Drop Tester and Automotive Head Restraint Impact Tester Gill Industries
Portable Ultrasound Cart HCU Ergo
Modular RFID-Enabled Smart Shelf System InnerSpace
Helmholtz Coil L-3 Communications Avionics Systems
Illuminated Dental Mirror-production-ready, wireless rechargeable Magnum Engineering, LLC
3-D Gauge Profiler The Mill Steel Company
Automated OEE Data Collection System Rapid-Line INC
Revolution Controller Superior Manufacturing Group
Energy Efficient Strategies for Residential Construction Westown Jubilee Housing

2008 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title Industry Sponser
Automated Switch Test Fixture Bissell Homecare, INC.
Pipe Flanging Machine Constructive Sheet Metal INC.
Dump Box Gill Industries, INC.
Versatile Linear Push/Pull Cycle Testing Machines InnerSpace Corporation
NAV/COM Radio Test Station L-3 Avionics Systems
Automated Mirror Assembly Magna Donnelly
PedalPro- Bike Torque Measurement System Magnum Engineering
Hand-Held Coil Gauge Testing System Mill Steel
Flying Probe Tester Padnos College of Engineering and Computing
Robotic Plasma Cutting Cell Rapid-Line
Mobile Folding Table Shiffler Equipment

2007 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title
Industry Sponser
Multi-Channel Power Testing Controller & Monitor Magnum Engineering LLC
Polyurethane Cuff Manufacturing Fixture ATEK Medical Manufacturing
Coil Steel Gauge Profile  Mill Steel
Electromechanical Shaker Controller  Paulstra CRC
Controlling Automotive Anti-Vibration Actuators Paulstra CRC
Tele-Sorter System Ventura Manufacturing
Flower Pot Handle Converting Machine MasterTag International
Advanced Seat Structure Gill Industries, INC. 
Automated Environmental Stress Screening Test L-3 Communications
Wire Shield Assembly Automation  N-K Manufacturing Technologies
Assembly Operations Improvement Rapid-Line, INC. 

2006 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title
Industry Sponsor
Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Unit
Fisen Corporation
Rivetless Chain Tribotester
Frost Incorporated
Automated Shatterproof Label Applicator
Gentex Corporation
Chair Tilt Mechanism Test Machine
Haworth Incorporated
Automated WX-500 Stormscope Final Unit
Performance Test Station
L-3 Communications Avionics Systems 
3-Axis Helmholtz Coil Apparatus
Magna Donnelly, Inc
Automated Light Environment Chamber
Magna Donnelly, Inc
Multi Product Converting Machine
MasterTag International
 Diametrical Fatigue Test Fixture
 Perfect Circle Division of Dana
 Weld Cell Integration
 Pridgeon & Clay, Inc
 Window Cost Reduction
 Rapid-Line, Inc
 Flower Pouch Manufacturing Machine
 VanTimmeren Greenhouse, Inc


2005 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title

Industry Sponsor

Automatic Aluminum Cutting Panel Saw
All Tech Engineering       
100000-5 Series Actuator Redesign
Eaton Aerospace
Dash Support Tub Final Machining Center
Gill Industries, Inc.
End Notch Mill
Haworth Inc.
Truck Scale Receiving RFID Tag Usage & Integration
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Co.
VME Bus Analyzer
Smiths Aerospace 
Next Generation (CB-2300) Lift Axle Program
The Holland Group Inc. 
Fully Integrated Production Center Interface
Topcraft Metal Products Inc. 
Bale Processor & Pouch Filling Unit
VanTimmeren Greenhouse Inc.                             
Data Acquisition System Integration
Ventura Manufacturing


2004 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title
Industry Sponsor
Automated Microphone Boom
Self-Adjusting Automated Cart Grabber
Cascade Engineering
Piston Ring Scuff Tester
Dana - Perfect Circle Division
Active Vibration Isolation
GVSU School of Engineering
Pallet Inspection & Designation Machine
Industrial Resources of Michigan                
Three Axis Table
L3 Communications
Process Monitoring of Adhesive Coating Line
Oliver Products
Redesign of Hydromount
Paulstra CRC
Automatic Test Equipment Self Test
Smiths Aerospace ATE
Programmable DC Transient Generator
Smiths Aerospace PDTG
Flower Pouch Flattener
VanTimmeren Greenhouses


2003 Industry-Sponsored Senior Projects

Project Title
Industry Sponsor
Design of Universal Lighting Ballast
Access Business Group - Ada, MI
Portable Testing Device for Dashmat Grommets
Cascade Engineering - Grand Rapids, MI
Oil Detection and Containment System
Dana Perfect Circle Division - Muskegon, MI
Destructive Weld Test Machine
Knape & Vogt - Grand Rapids, MI
Controllable Magnetic Field Generator
L-3 Communications Corp. - Grand Rapids, MI
Automated Adhesive Tape Applicator
N-K Manufacturing Technologies -Grand Rapids, MI
Multiple Analog Signal Generator
Smiths Aerospace - Grand Rapids, MI
Effect of Part Geometry on the Mechanical
Properties of High-Pressure
Aluminum Die-Castings    
SPX Contech - Kalamazoo, MI
Variable Storage Device
Trane West Michigan - Grand Rapids, MI
Platt Windfeather Wind Turbine
Dr. Steve Platt
Pallet Dismantler
Industrial Resources - Grand Rapids, MI


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