Kathryn Remlinger

Department of English


243 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-3122

Kathryn Remlinger

ENG 261 Foundations of Language Study
ENG 362 The History of the English Language
ENG 364 Sociolinguistics
ENG 392 Language and Power
ENG 461 Language and Gender

Research Interests
My research broadly focuses on how identity and attitudes affect language variation and change. Specifically, I study how one of the dialects in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula (in the Upper Peninsula) has developed and changed. The project aims to both describe the structure and use of the dialect and also to explain how identity and language attitudes affect its use and change. I am also interested in ethnic labels like "Yooper" and "Cajun" and how they reflect attitudes about regional dialects as well as how their use reinforces stereotypes about dialects and their speakers.

In addition, I research language, gender, and sexuality. Specifically I study how language is used to create, maintain, challenge, and change notions of gender and sexuality and how these notions affect students' learning and participation in the campus community

Recent Publications
Remlinger, Kathryn A. (2009). Everyone Up Here: Enregisterment and Identity in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. American Speech 84 (2): 118-137. 

Remlinger, Kathryn A.  With Salmons, Joseph and von Schneidemesser, Luanne. (2009). Revised Perceptions: Changing Dialect Perceptions in Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. American Speech 84 (2):176-192.

Remlinger, Kathryn A. (2007). The intertwined histories of identity and dialect in Michigan's Copper Country. In Alison K. Hoagland, Erik Nordberg, & Terry Reynolds (Eds.), New perspectives on Michigan's Copper Country, pp. 62-84. Houghton, MI: Quincy Mine Hoist Association.

Remlinger, Kathryn A. and  Pednekar-Magal, Vandana. (2006). Jobs are going overseas: The discursive construction of outsourcing. Journal of Creative Communications, 1 (3): 253-266.

Remlinger, Kathryn A. (2006). What it means to be a Yooper: Identity, language attitudes and variation in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. In Markku Filppula, Marjatta Palander, Juhani Klemola and Esa Penttilä (Eds.), Topics in dialectal variation, pp. 125-144. Joensuu, Finland: University of Joensuu Press.

B.A., M.S. Morehead State University
Ph.D, Michigan Technological University