Veta Tucker

Associate Professor
Department of English

Language and Literature

101 Lake Ontario Hall
(616) 331-3692

Veta Tucker

ENG 231 Early African American Literature
ENG 232: Modern African American Literature
ENG 225: American Literature I
ENG 614: Literature of American Minorities
AAA 335: History of the Underground Railroad
AAA 352: Black Women's Cultures

Research Interests
My main research focus is historical and literary representations of 19th century African American women, enslaved and 'free' and African American involvement in the Abolitionist and Underground Railroad movements.

Recent Publications
Tucker, Veta S.  “Grand Valley State University’s New Kutsche Office of Local History,” Chronicle 32:3 Fall 2009.

Tucker, Veta Smith. "Canada's Emergence as a Main Terminus of the Underground Railroad." Reviews in American History 35:4 (December 2007)) 512-521.

Tucker, Veta Smith. "Introduction: Reclaiming Julia C. Collins, Forgotten 19th Century African American Author." African American Review 40:4 (Winter 2006) 623-630.

Tucker, Veta Smith. "A Tale of Disunion: The Racial Politics of Unclaimed Kindred in Julia C. Collins' The Curse of Caste." African American Review 40:4 (Winter 2006) 743-753.

Tucker, Veta S. "Scarlett Dethroned, or Hell Hath No Fury Like a Malicious Mammy and Her Plucky Daughter."  Warpland: A Journal of Black Literature and Ideas 7 (2001) 178-193. 


B.A., M.A. Michigan State University
Ph.D., University of Michigan