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Environmental Law and Policy Center

The Environmental Law & Policy Center is the Midwest’s leading public interest environmental legal advocacy and eco-business innovation organization. We develop and lead successful strategic environmental advocacy campaigns to improve environmental quality and protect our natural heritage. We are public interest environmental entrepreneurs who engage in creative business deal making with diverse interests to put into practice our belief that environmental progress and economic development can be achieved together. ELPC’s multidisciplinary staff of talented and experienced public interest attorneys, environmental business specialists, public policy advocates, and communications specialists brings a strong and effective combination of skills to solve environmental problems and improve the quality of life in our Midwestern communities.


Green Corps Green Corps was launched by U.S. PIRG in 1992. The mission of Green Corps is to train organizers, provide field support for today’s critical environmental campaigns, and graduate activists who possess the skills, temperament, and commitment to fight and win tomorrow’s environmental battles.


Environmental Career Opportunities Our environmental job vacancies are from all sectors of the job-market including non-profits, corporations, professional firms, institutions, and Federal, state and local governments. We have heard many success stories from our subscribers who have gotten new and better jobs through ECO, the #1 source of environmental jobs!


High Country News
High Country News publishes an award-winning newsmagazine, a popular Web site and a weekly op-ed column service, along with special reports and books. 







Volunteer and Internship Links:

Annis Water Resources Institute

The vision of the Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI) is to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of freshwater resources. AWRI has adopted this vision recognizing that sustainable freshwater ecosystems are a fundamental necessity, and that the integrity of such systems helps to define our quality of life. The AWRI will advance its vision and commitment through three mechanisms: unique educational programs, outreach, and pure and applied research.


Blandford Nature Center

The mission of Blandford Nature Center is to change lives through fun and engaging learning experiences in the natural world.

Our vision is to invigorate relationships with nature that lead individuals to transform their community and create a healthy, sustainable world. 


Fat Blossom Farm

We are a small farm in Southwest Michigan.  Our mission is to provide delicious and nutritious food to our community. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers selected for beauty, flavor, and nutrition.  We at Fat Blossom Farm are committed to sustainable ecologically-sound agriculture.  We use only organic methods with a long term outlook so that what we produce is both healthy for you and the land.  Long rotations and a broad diversity of crops ensure that the land stays in balance


Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center MAREC was developed as a direct response to the growing need for the development of alternative and renewable energy sources.  The mission of MAREC is to be a destination point for researchers and businesses interested in advancing, developing, and using alternative energy technologies and related applications.  In addition, the Center is a leader and resource in advancing energy related education and the development of effective public policy that will lead to greater use and application of renewable energy technology.                                

Student Conservation Association

Tens of thousands of green professionals, from park superintendents to urban planners, can trace their start to SCA.  This is where college and high school students connect with nature, render hands-on service, gain new skills and perspectives, and launch a lifetime of stewardship.

SCA's mission is to build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land.

Trillium Haven Farm
We believe that there are better ways to farm other than using the industrial model: small-scale farming keeps us attuned to our land and our community. This small scale means we do not have to follow the current agribusiness model with its large equipment, huge tracts of land, and significant distances between the grower and consumer. We are members of this community, selling directly to members of this community. This gives people the opportunity to keep their resources here instead of supporting absentee corporations.

Viability, LLC

Viability embraces sustainable strategies and believes that doing good business can change the world. We identify and secure financial incentives for our clients, enabling them to realize their triple bottom line goals. This is done using best practices consulting, which results in customized, creative, and innovative solutions.





West Michigan Environmental Action Coalition
West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) is a non-profit, 501C3 organization working to protect and enhance West Michigan’s natural and human environments by translating the concerns of people into positive action. WMEAC has been delivering environmental education and advocacy to the West Michigan community for nearly forty years. Since 1968, WMEAC has served as West Michigan’s leading voice for environmental protection. WMEAC is committed to empowering West Michigan’s citizens, businesses, institutions and organizations with the tools they need to become better stewards of our environment.

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