Environmental Studies

Student Involvement

Student organizations on campus

GVSU Community Garden

The GVSU Community Garden was started during the 2008 summer when a group of students, faculty and staff found common ground in their desire to make the GVSU campus more sustainable. The mission of the GVSU Community Garden is “to provide a forum for education, discussion, and practice of the environmental, social, and economic aspects of food systems; focusing on the importance of consuming local and organic foods.”

Members of the community garden are involved in maintaining their summer plots as well as contributing to the maintenance of community garden plots.

Soil and Water Conservation Association

The SWCS participates in local conservation projects including environmental clean-ups, habitat restorations, and environmental community service activities. The group has worked on sand dune restoration in West Michigan, participates in the annual cleanup of the Grand River, and has done soil quality testing.

Student Environmental Coalition

The Student Environmental Coalition is an organization dedicated to environmental activism and spreading awareness of sustainability issues, in hopes that  fellow students may learn to conserve natural resources and care more about their local environment. This group has traveled to Washington D.C. to march for clean energy, organized critical bike mass rides throughout Grand Rapids, participated in recycling efforts on campus, promoted a water bottle free campus, and volunteers with area environmental organizations.

Student Sustainability Partnership

The Student Sustainability Partnership is a new group formed by the Sustainable Community Development Initiative that brings together students and leaders from student organizations to collaborate on sustainability projects and provide a more consolidated effort towards sustainability at Grand Valley.

This group seeks to provide a forum for greater communication and collaboration between the groups and people working on sustainability-related projects by meeting a few times a semester and continuing the conversation in between meetings through an online forum.  It is not meant to take the place of any student group, but rather a venue through which student groups can collaborate.

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